Artist Statement

As a sculptor and installation artist my recent projects explore the relationship between the feminine interest in ornaments and pattern making and the symmetry and repetitions of industrial manufactured structures. Like geometric forms and layouts we know from the animal and plant world and find for instance in honeycombs, spiderwebs or the skin of a pineapple where they serve as statically perfect constructions, industrial manufacturing has likewise employed such repetitive forms for its own purposes. Enlarged and mirrored, symmetrically composed and split apart from the original context, these technical implements that I select by close observation of industrial architecture and technological mechanisms, evolve into objects and sculptures of ornamental and almost decorative quality. Through the adaptation of somewhat familiar but isolated elements, these works aim to examine visual habits and call into question perception and association. By means of basic geometrical operations, I transform small details like a mounting of a planetary gear or a section of a shrink disc connection into objects with ancient relic or outer worldly artifact character.

Inspired by readings on the origin of ornamental appreciation in the antiquity and the geometrical roots of pattern making and cultural production in ancient cultures worldwide, I approve of the idea of geometry as a universal language capable of communicating abstract contents.